Governance, Risk, Compliance and ICT Consulting

Lister&Sullivan is a professional and personable management consultancy for the delivery of objectives in relation to your organisation’s identified strategic and operational needs.

We have a particular interest in the Sporting and Recreation Industry with assisting WA State Sporting Associations (SSAs) build their organisational and governance capability, meet deliverables under their Industry Investment Program (IIP) funding, and achieve their strategic and operational goals.

About Us

Lister&Sullivan was formed with the ambitious goal to consult and deliver on functional, easy-to-use governance practices for organisations across various sectors, with a specific focus on Western Australian sports organisations. We recognise that the driving factor that fuels most sporting organisation boards, committees and those who volunteer for such roles is to build and develop membership, participation and recognition of their sport within Australia and to see their sport grow within the community.

As such, sometimes, important policies, procedures and practices that govern those organisations can go undeveloped or unreviewed. Allow Lister&Sullivan to fill the gap and be your organisation’s trusted partners alongside you on your organisation’s growth and development journey.


With over 20+ combined years of experience in policy development, governance, risk, compliance, information technology and administration our team is able to offer a wide range of services to our clients. We are confident that we can provide a tailored and comprehensive work plan to ensure your organisation meets its strategic and operational goals. 

Being a small enterprise, we recognise the importance of being personable and approachable in how we handle all client interactions. As such the list below is non-exhaustive and additional services and resources are tailored individually to each client’s requirements:


Governance framework development


Policy analysis and development


Strategic and operational planning


Risk and compliance management


Grant writing and application


Information technology and communications consulting


Organisational development and training

Meet the Team

Kyle Lister

Kyle Lister

Executive Director - Organisational Development

Kyle is an experienced leader in the management and capacity building of boards and executives. He has an exceptional knowledge of organisational development and specialises in the planning, development and delivery of strategic and operational goals and objectives.

His unique outlook and advice on organisational capacity, capability and competency in how they deliver on their administration and management framework has delivered sound results for organisations in various industries.

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan

Executive Director - Governance, Risk & Compliance

Andrew is a highly qualified governance, risk and compliance professional with extensive experience in the areas of policy development, risk management and control, organisational governance and regulatory and legislative compliance.

His knowledge and expertise provide our clients with a concrete foundation on which they will grow and develop by fostering good governance, organisational process and procedure within a safe and appropriate risk appetite.

Our Clients

Our Process


We begin by identifying the strategic and operational direction of your organisation. We identify the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and where we can assist in some capacity.

This first stage allows Lister&Sullivan to ensure we are able to identify items for the development of a comprehensive and effective forward work plan for use in the assess stage.


In consultation with the organisation’s executive team, we build a comprehensive forward work plan which will identify a number of things:

  • Identified work items
  • Risk management of items
  • Urgency and impact of items

We will then categorise those items based on their priority.


Once the forward work plan has been agreed to Lister&Sullivan will engage with your organisation to deliver our assigned project items.

During our engagement we take a comprehensive and personable approach to each of our organisations. Trust and confidence is imperative to us.


Once the project and or engagement has been concluded Lister&Sullivan will participate in a evaluation with the organisation’s executive team.

This evaluation will allow us to review any issues with delivery/standards of work and will provide the client with an opportunity to provide feedback. We strive for excellence in everything we do and ask our clients for honest and actionable feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions


We require specific once off help, can we engage Lister&Sullivan?

Absolutely. We can tailor our services to deliver on a specific project scope that has been created by us or your organisation. 


How much do you charge?

Our fees are based on a number of factors, the best way to source an estimate is get in contact with us.

We are able to do both fixed-price and time/contract based fee structures. At all times we are transparent and upfront about cost with our engaged clients. 


We are such a small organisation, how can we afford consultants?

At Lister&Sullivan we believe that all organisations should have good governance principles and practices. As such we will work with your organisation to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to do this.


Who are your services for?

As mentioned, Lister&Sullivan specialise in assisting State Sporting Associations (SSAs), however, we have worked within a range of industries. With our professional and confident approach we are flexible and able to consult for various organisations.


Why would we use Lister&Sullivan?

We find that Sports Administrators are generally engaged on the board with specific roles. Most who are engaged in this type of volunteer role, do not have the time or the effort to put towards the “paperwork.”

Let Lister&Sullivan handle the “paperwork” and your board can get back to delivering on their strategic and operational goals.


How much will we be expected to do?

During the assess stage of Our Process, Lister&Sullivan assess the time component for each item and assign the item dependent on:

– Priority
– Availability
– Knowledge required

That being said, you are in charge and can determine who completes the work.


Can you start immediately?

Lister&Sullivan take pride in our ability to provide professional and personable consultancy services to all our clients.

Unfortunately, sometimes this does require time to get right. If you are working to a schedule, we will endeavour to identify this schedule your organisations workload accordingly.


Can you help us apply for grants?

Absolutely. Lister&Sullivan have vast experience in the development and writing of grant applications for various funding sources. 

We are also able to identify potential grants your organisation may be able to access and present these opportunities to your board.


Will the work conducted be confidential?

Lister&Sullivan are bound by the confidentiality clauses set out in our engagement contract with your organisation.

All work is conducted with the upmost confidentiality and integrity. Lister&Sullivan will work with you for any additional needs you may have.

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